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IMG_3175Not far from Fort Worth is Dallas! Dallas is one of those cities which grew because of the railroad lines which passed through here to move cotton, cattle and later oil.

On the day we drove into Dallas, it was incredibly foggy. As we neared the city, we could see that the fog just hovered over the downtown area. It made for a pretty good view of the downtown area, too bad we were still on the freeway!

We only spent the afternoon here and only hit a few of the touristy highlights as we were only in town for the Dallas Cowboy football game later that evening.


First stop was the Thanksgiving Square Church. The outside looks kind of strange and you wonder what the heck is this round, oddly shaped building because it looks nothing like a church…but inside is where the magic lies…

Then we went a bit further down the street and saw the First Baptist Church in Dallas which was a beautiful red brick building before heading on to Pioneer Plaza to see the beautiful artwork of cattle statues being herded commemorating the 19th century cattle drives that took place along the Shawnee Trail. There are 49 bronze statue and 3 cattle drivers.


I petted the horse therefore Hans petted me…  


IMG_3813IMG_3815Next we made our way over to where JFK was assassinated in 1963 while driving in a car through Dallas by a sniper. You can see a simple “X” which marks the spot in the middle of a busy road called Elm Street where he was shot by the sniper from the building at the top of the hill. This building has now been turned into a museum, which we didn’t bother with. We saw no other memorial to JFK other than the X, but as you are driving through Dallas in the business center there is another memorial with a statue of JFK.

Near the spot where JFK was assassinated, there is also the Old Red Courthouse and a obelisk which marks the spot on which the city of Dallas was founded.


You just cant go to Dallas and not go to a Dallas Cowboy football game. So that’s exactly what we did! The fans are super crazy and loud and it made for a very enjoyable game. Unfortunately, they lost. I hadn’t been to a football game since my childhood going to San Diego Charger games!


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  8. That’s awesome you went to Dallas solely for a Dallas Cowboys game! I am planning to visit every single stadium for all four of North America’s major professional sports leagues. When I was in Dallas a couple of months ago, the Cowboys were on the road, and I just missed the Dallas Stars last home game before they went on the road again.

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