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Booking a Ferry To/From England


img_7802Feel like driving to or from England/or Continental Europe and crossing the English Channel with a ferry boat? Its the perfect way to sail through the channel and have a bit of relaxation and fun along the way!

We took the ferry boat with our car and enjoyed it very much! On our way over to England, we took a 4am ferry so that we could sleep on the way over. On the return trip we took an 8am ferry and took advantage of the beautiful morning at sea as well as ate a decent full English breakfast with a fantastic view watching the chalk cliffs of England receding in the distance. It definitely made for a relaxing part of our journey in a long drive to and from England all the way from Germany! Yes, we know, we are crazy but we wanted to do a ROADTRIP!!

Here are some quick tips for booking a ferry boat with a car from Continental mainland Europe to England!

1. Websites to Use


2. What You Need To Know

  • Type in your departure dates and what time you want to leave both ports
  • I recommend leaving from Dunkirk or Calais.
  • Boarding time closes 45 minutes before departure!
  • Economy allows you some breathing room in case you miss your scheduled departure time. Your ticket can be amended (fee applies in addition to difference in fare). Economy ticket permits travel on one sailing before or after your booked crossing time, subject to availability. Ticket is non-refundable.
  • For an extra 50€ Flexi allows more breathing room up to and can be amended (only pay the difference in fare if more than 72hrs either side of booked dates). Flexi ticket permits travel on any sailing within 72hrs either side of the booked crossing for no additional cost, subject to availability. Ticket is refundable up to 48 hours prior to departure.
  • You will need to enter the measurements of your car & your license plate number
  • If you want to be first to board and the first to unload, then make sure to book priority booking for 10€ per car each way!


3. Things To Do On Board

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that you are allowed to stay sitting in your car, otherwise you will be locked in the parking decks. You are required to go upstairs and have a good time!

  • If you feel like having a more relaxing time and traveling in comfort, hang out in the Sea View Lounge for 8€ per person each way!
  • Pass the time in a restaurant or café sipping on some warm or cold drinks!
  • Spend the time playing in an arcade area or a children’s play area if you have little ones!
  • Feel like shopping, then peruse the shops on board from toiletries to alcohol.
  • Head up on deck and enjoy some fantastic views of the English Channel and the blue waters surrounding you in every which direction!


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