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Confessions of a Travel Addict


IMG_3809[1]I have been traveling around the United States and the world since the day I was born. I have seen a lot and done a lot, but I didn’t like or love everything and many things I wish I could just do again over and over. There are so many ups and downs during travel adventures that you are bound to have some negatives along the way, but many more positive experiences to outweigh the bad ones.

With my upcoming summer holiday just around the corner, I have been thinking about what I will love or dislike about this trip because as usual, there are usually one or two things I really despise or avoid doing, such as visiting a museum. Ya, that’s right, I don’t do museums. I avoid them like the plague.

I Despise Museums with a Passion!

IMG_3814[1]This is a bad travel habit I inherited from my mother while traveling. Museums bore me to death. I honestly can’t stand long, endless, slow walking moving from one old painting to the next which looks like the one after that. I’ve done the museums you just shouldn’t miss like the Louvre and the Vatican Museums and a few artist museums like Van Gogh and Picasso and guess what… I hated them all. Especially when I hope they will have something I want to see like the Starry Night painting only to find out that they’re all in New York! They all look and smell the same with old artifacts I’ll never understand the history of. Generally I avoid going in otherwise I will annoy my travel partner as I speed through the museum and waste money I hate wasting.

 I Take Way Too Many Pictures

Therefore, it wouldn’t surprise me if I annoy the heck out of any of my travel companions as every five feet I have to stop and take a billion pictures of the same building until I have the right angle. Not just that, but even I am a picture-whore. Yup, I said it – I love the camera. I love taking pictures in front of buildings. And more times than not, I stand in the same exact pose. I am trying to spice it up though. But nonetheless, I take too many pictures until I or the building both look good in the picture. I know it sounds conceded but I love having a picture of a memory I am going to love for the rest of my life.

I Hated Walking Around

For the longest time, I hated sightseeing only in the terms that I hated walking so much. It was always a conflict of interest as there was always a bunch of stuff I wanted to see and do, yet I didn’t want to walk to any of it. But then I discovered and convinced myself that its the best way to loose weight and exercise while on vacation. I would rather walk a million miles sightseeing now than walk on a trend mill going around in circles like a hamster. However, my feet pay a pretty hefty price for all that sightseeing as I NEVER wear good shoes. Pain is beauty, right ladies? Tennis shoes just don’t go with my beautiful dresses!

I’m Actually Afraid of Flying

IMG_3815[1]I was practically born flying on plane as my mom was already 8 months pregnant with me when she moved to Okinawa, Japan to follow my father in the Marines. I grew up visiting both parents as a child every other holiday and I grew up without a fear of flying. But now as an adult, the more plane crashes I hear about on the news, the more I become afraid of flying. Especially after the last couple of scary flights I’ve had. I usually just try to stay busy on the plane, movie after movie, reading, snacking, sleeping just to pass the time to keep my mind of it.

I’m Always Thinking About the Next Trip

Before I have even gone on my vacation or even while I am currently on vacation, I am always planning the next vacation and coming up with new ideas. I can’t help it. There is no off switch for someone who wants to see every inch of the world. It’s an addition and there is no cure. My boyfriend cringes every time I say “Ooh I have an idea, let’s go here!” Trying to plan more than 2 vacations out is impossible with my boyfriend as he wants to finish these first before booking that third, fourth, fifth trip out. I plan even when I know I really don’t have the money, but know I will find a way. I would rather skimp out on a new dress here and there if it meant putting money into the vacation jar!

I’m Afraid Trying New Foods

 IMG_3816[1]I am a picky eater and like to know what I am eating. Not until I met my boyfriend have I began to try new foods and venture into the unknown. Since meeting him, he has gotten me to eat and love Hungarian, Greek, Sushi, Indian and Thai! I know! I can’t believe it. I’m a Plain Jane. Hamburger and fries and I’m good. Pepperoni Pizza, I’m set. Something spicy, fishy or strange and I just won’t like it. Especially when my food still has eyes and is staring up at me from my plate. But, I grow more and more confident with each bite I take, even if I am hesitant at first. I’ve discovered so many new foods and have since incorporated them now into my home cooked meals!

I Really Dislike Tour Groups 

I never plan to join tour groups because they almost never show you everything or skip over a bunch of things that you’re gonna have to go back and see anyways. Backtracking is just a waste of time when you have limited time to see and do everything! Walking tour groups are fine because they still show you a lot, but guided tours with a mini van are definitely not my cup of tea. I would rather just do it myself and study the history of what I saw afterwards. If its a Hop On Hop Off bus, I’m ok with this because they give you some history and you can decide if you want to get off or not.

If It’s Not Pretty, I Probably Won’t Love It

I look for the beauty in everyone and everything. As they say, there is beauty in everything. But is there? There are just some things I will just simply skip over or only give 5 minutes to if I feel it isn’t pretty. For example, the Atomium in Brussels I find terribly ugly and pointless even if it is an atom magnified 165 billion times. I snapped one or two pictures just to have the picture but other than that I didn’t care about it. Only saw it because Hans was interested in checking it out.

I Think Modern Architecture and Art is Terrible & Pointless

A 2-Day Guide to London for First-Timers - California GlobetrotterI love all the old, historic beautiful buildings that show signs of wear and tear and have a story to tell. All these new glass sky high buildings starting to push out the old buildings makes me sad. No matter how tall or how many glass windows it has, it’s not beautiful. When I think about this, I think about poor London becoming the glass city. So much history, architecture and art being whipped out by these cold, steel buildings. Why can’t we just continue to make buildings that fit in with the local area, that keep our heritage?? Germany too is filled with these random steel art sculptures that you stumble upon and just wonder what the heck it is. What is the point? It’s not beautiful and just looks like a five year old created this big metal heap and called it art. I will probably get hate mail for this one but I had to put it out there.

No Matter How Nice the Hotel, I Won’t Like It

No matter how soft and comfortable the bed is or how beautiful the room is, I will never like it. Only because I can’t help but wonder how many people have stayed in this room before and what they did in here. The beds alone disgust me. I can’t help but wonder how many people have done the dirty where I am supposed to sleep or on the couch I am supposed to relax on. Each hotel room has untold, endless stories of thousands of people and I can’t help but think about all the germs floating around. Yes, I’m a bit of a germaphobe, but do nothing about it.

What are your travel confessions?

And I confess again, I have wanted to write this blog for a long time but wasn’t truly inspired until my good blogger friend from Packing My Suitcase posted hers!



Author: California Globetrotter

At 14 I started traveling the world with my parents and was hooked! By 21 I was studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany. By 26 I sold all of my belongings and bought a one way ticket to Germany to teach English. Little did I know, I'd meet the love of my life and end up traveling to the most romantic and idyllic towns in Europe and becoming a long-term expat in Bavaria! My name is Lorelei and I'm just your typical CaliGirl, Sunset Chaser, Fairytale Dreamer, Dress Lover, Traveloholic, Beer Drinker!

10 thoughts on “Confessions of a Travel Addict

  1. You can’t seriously despise all types of museums, or? I can understand you dislike old-school Louvre type of museums, but what about the technical, natural history, sports, open-air, and other types of museums?

    • Yup I despise all of them! I don’t know why they just all bore me. Although is its about Royalty or WWII I’ll enjoy it!

      • Wow, that’s interesting. So you’re just not interested in topics presented in museums or is it because you don’t like the way they are presented?

      • I really couldn’t say. I just find them incredibly boring and quiet. I like to be outdoors doing stuff and making my own history. I love history so much but looking at old artifacts just doesn’t interest me.

      • Thank you. I understand why you dislike them. But still, there are plenty of modern type-museums where you can actively interact with the exhibits, not just looking at them. For instance, Museum of Impressionism in Auver-sur-Oise. Churchill War Rooms in London, Museum of Transport in Luzern, to name just few. I can hardly believe there is no museum you wouldn’t enjoyed visiting.

      • Like I said it has anything do with WWII I’d like it! I’ve always wanted to check out the Churchhill War Rooms 🙂

      • Sorry for my curiosity, but as a museum professional I’m very interested in the reasons why people dislike museums and the ways they can be improved.

  2. hahahha yaaaay glad I inspired you to write your post 😀
    We have a looooot in common hahaha
    Thank you for the mention!

  3. Oh gosh, I’ve never thought about the hotel room like that… I’m kind of disgusted right now 😀

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