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Noteworthy Travel Instagram Accounts


IMG_0916In the last 5 years, Instagram has exploded into one of the main photo sharing apps available for those who wish to hashtag their photos out into the world for all to see.

For anyone who has made an account and shared the best of their best photos, know how addictive it can become from sharing, following, likely and eye-googling all the amazing photos out there. While I always love a good photo of amazing sunsets that seem unreal to adorable dogs, TRAVEL photos are my main drug! I can never get enough and have become seriously addicted, probably beyond help!

So, I have painstakingly taken the time to go through hundreds of the travel Instagram accounts that I follow and narrowed it down to my favorite 10 accounts that are quite noteworthy!

So, without further ado CaliforniaGlobetrotter introduces…


What’s better than wandering AND drinking wine!? This Texas girl is a novice travel blogger, art lover, foodie, and wino whose account is absolutely filled to the brink with some of the most colorful places to visit throughout Europe.

Sunset at Buckingham Palace. #London #UnitedKingdom #buckinghampalace

A photo posted by Katy | The Adventuring Texan (@theadventuringtexan) on



Caroline is a southern belle living the life in London with her husband photographer traveling around Europe. This blonde abroad has loads of pictures with a variety of amazing braided hair pictures that will leave any girl envious!

having my #khaleesi moment. #gameofthrones #wherearemydragons

A photo posted by the belle abroad | caroline (@thebelleabroad) on



Straight from Syndey, Australia, this Aussie blonde has left her job and taken it upon herself to explore and travel ALL seven continents. Her account shows the amazing wonders of everything this world has to offer!

On Top Of The World 🌍 #roamingon @vodafoneau

A photo posted by Melissa • Aussie Blonde Abroad (@aussieblondeabroad) on



This 20-something blonde from Houston, Texas works hard at maintaining a normal working life while simultaneously feeds her passion for travel! This gal has hit up places down in South America, as far as Southeast Asia to my favorite, Bavaria!

Having a Maria von Trapp kind of day 🎶🌸

A photo posted by Kelly Borglum (@thewanderingblonde_) on



A free spirit from Slovakia, Danke loves living and traveling around the world! This account is loaded with pictures of far off places, most recently in the very lush region of Bali!



Everyone needs a dose of the romance that is Paris! Sarah is just a gal living in one of the most romantic cities in the world, journaling, traveling and photographing beautiful parts of Paris!



A Canadian expat living in Germany, Meredith shares all the vibrant parts of the expat life in Germany with your occasional dose of Kaffee und Kuchen!

Greetings from the Cannstatter Wasen festival in Stuttgart! #Stuttgart #Germany

A photo posted by Kaffee und Kuchen (@kaffeeundkuchenblog) on



An avid traveler who just cant seem to get enough of this amazing world and is a jungle explorer, beach bum, scuba diver, wildlife seeker and digital nomad.



I love following these accounts because they inspire me to travel more and even in some cases, opened up the idea of traveling to such far off places I probably wouldn’t have thought about traveling to! So keep traveling and inspiring! I can’t wait to follow more of your adventures! And I hope others will love your accounts just as much!

xx Lolo

Do YOU have a FAAAVORITE Instagram account you would like to share??

Author: California Globetrotter

At 14 I started traveling the world with my parents and was hooked! By 21 I was studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany. By 26 I sold all of my belongings and bought a one way ticket to Germany to teach English. Little did I know, I'd meet the love of my life and end up traveling to the most romantic and idyllic towns in Europe and becoming a long-term expat in Bavaria! My name is Lorelei and I'm just your typical CaliGirl, Sunset Chaser, Fairytale Dreamer, Dress Lover, Traveloholic, Beer Drinker!

14 thoughts on “Noteworthy Travel Instagram Accounts

  1. Awesome post! I follow travel pages as well and just like you they inspire me to travel all the time. Although, I swear they’re reading my mind, when I think I want to go and visit a place, it’s all over my instagram feed. It makes me feel like the world is tell me to go!

    • I totally feel the same way! I felt that way recently with Berechtesgaden/Konigsee – saw it all the time until I burst and forced my boyfriend to drive down there 3 weekend in a row (unintentionally!!) haha Now I feel that way about the Cotswolds in England!

  2. Lolo! This is such an amazing post! Thank you so much for considering me one of your faves–I am so honored! Especially from another well traveled lady like yourself! Also, SO excited to check out all these other travelers!🙂

  3. Stunning photos! I’m following them now too😉

  4. You have really nice blog, keep working great!
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