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Liebster Award 2016 - California Globetrotter

2016 Liebster Award


IMG_5548What a way to celebrate California Globetrotter’s 2nd birthday! Thank you so much to Stories from Europe for the nomination! She’s another female travel blogger who I enjoy reading posts about her adventures in Europe as she lives Poland, originally from Nepal. She’s got plenty of hearth-throbbing adventures from all over Europe, so be sure to check out her page for more!

What is a Liebster Award you might ask??

It’s a great way to be discovered by other bloggers and help promote them within the blogging community. The goal is to shine some light on blogs that have less than 200 followers that deserve some extra attention, however I have a mixture and picked my recent favorites!

If you have been nominated, and you choose to accept the award, there are some simple official rules to follow.

  • Recognize and thank the person who nominated you
  • Provide the rules of the award (can link back to the official rules post)
  • Answer the 11 questions posed by the nominator
  • Provide 11 different questions to be answered by your nominees
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs
  • Give 10 random facts about yourself(optional)

Here are the questions that Stores from Europe asked me:

Why did you start this blog?

After I moved to Germany, I had started using Facebook notes to share my adventures with friends and family. As my soon-to-be-husband and I started to travel more, I wanted to expand to a blog where I could add pictures in and be more creative. Before I knew it, I kept expanding my blog until it was a full-blown travel blog that now I am currently in the process of taking to the next level.

Do you blog full-time? If not, how do you find time to manage the content?

No, I am not a full-time blogger although it is starting to feel that way at the moment because I am working extra hard right now to clean up my blog, create blogging networks and put myself out there in the hopes of taking my blog to the next level. I’m a part-time English teacher and as summer gets closer, I have more and more time to work on shaping my blog in the direction I would like it to go!

Talk about the best book you’ve read and why you liked it.

I really enjoy reading a combination of Travel Chick-Lit with some historical content. A while ago I read Juliet that was so mesmerizing, I just couldn’t put it down!

The book is about two sisters who are left an inheritance. One is left the house and the only a plane ticket to Italy. The story takes place in Siena, Italy where we discover the true story about the real Romeo & Juliet during the the town’s historic Palio race. It’s a mixture of suspense, romance, travel and history that now has left me aching to visit Siena! So, part of our 2017 Honeymoon will include visiting Siena now!

Where was your first international travel? Did you like it?

My first trip out of the US was to London, England in 1999. The year before my mom and step-dad had gone to England on their honeymoon and met some distant relatives of ours. Every other year since, we have either gone to England or met our relatives somewhere thus growing my need to feed my travel addiction.

London was so amazing and I quickly fell in love with it and now I visit every chance I get! It’s a great place to start as a new traveler to learn how to use the underground, see some sights and try some amazing food.

What is your favorite travel experience?

My favorite travel experience is to do/see/watch/try something traditional everywhere I go. Nothing makes me appreciate living in Europe more than to watch something so traditional that it reminds me that I am here and not in the US. We just don’t have historic costumes that people still wear in America.

For example, in Germany I find it so interesting to visit small town events, away from the prying eyes of tourists and truly experience to German/Bavarian culture. One event in particular that I found so fascinating was in a small Bavarian village called Bad Gögging during their Erntedankfest (“Thanksgiving”). Here for the first time, I got to enjoy traditional Bavarian dancing and other unique activities that really made me say, “Wow, I can’t believe I live here!”

What is your least favorite/worst travel experience?

Nothing gets under my skin more than going somewhere you expect to be so beautiful that you’ve waited for sooo long to see, only to find that it is waaay crowded and it almost ruins the entire experience for you.

This happened to us last summer when we went to Croatia. It is the newest and most popular place to visit now in Europe and I guess I underestimated JUST how popular Croatia was. Every.Single.Town. we went to was beyond crowded and just took away from the experience. Visiting Krka National Park as well as Plitvice Lakes National Park were so beyond capacity, it made it almost miserable to walk the trails for fear of being pushed off the walk ways, standing in long, un-moving lines and being stuffed into the boats like sardines.

If you could change your nationality, what would you choose and why?

Love this question! While I am certainly proud to be American, I would have loved to be British, French or even Italian! British because I love the accent, history and customs. French because their so French and the country is so beautiful. Italian because they know how to live life to the fullest and they understand that there is more to life than just working. That is definitely more along my laid-back California personality!

What is your favorite time/season of the year and why?

Autumn! No question about it! it’s my favorite time of year because the leaves are just so beautiful and I love walking through the parks as the leaves are falling and covering the ground and you can’t tell the difference between tree and ground. Coming from California where everything is brown and dead, autumn is like a colorful painting, especially here in Germany! I love it so much, my wedding will be in the Autumn here in Germany!

Next would be Spring because I looooove flowers and there are just so many flowers everywhere and it brightens up the town after a long, cold winter!

What is the most interesting conversation you’ve had with a stranger when abroad?

I’ll always remember when my friend Sam and I took a day trip to Stuttgart. It had started to rain so much that sightseeing was almost impossible. So we plopped down at the nearest restaurant and found ourselves sitting at a table next to a Stammtisch group. (Stammtish is German for a table that is reserved for the regulars who come together often to sit and chat while enjoying a beer). A woman was sitting closest to us overheard us speaking English and before we knew it, she was scooting over to chat with us and soon she was asking us, “What do Americans think of Germans? What do they think of WWII? What do they think about Nazis?” We were taken by complete surprise because speaking so openly about WWII and Hitler is still very much taboo here in Germany, yet here was this German woman interesting in talking about it.

Have you traveled in your own country extensively?

Yes. Before I started traveling outside of the US, my mom was taking me everywhere and anywhere within the US. We made a road trip from California to Arkansas to visit a friend of mine in the 5th grade. We visited my uncle in Alaska. Road trips to Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Oregon. Then we even moved to Montana, Washington, Texas and soon Kentucky. We’ve gone on family vacations to Massachusetts to research our family history, New York, Hawaii, Nashville and visiting family in Florida.

What three places would like to visit the most?

Besides our honeymoon destination…

  • Russia – I’m dying to see all of those beautiful Russian Orthodox cathedrals and the palaces after reading another great book about Catherine the Great called The Winter Palace.
  • Scandinavia – I know it’s cheating and technically 3 countries, but I want to visit allll of them!
  • Spain – I’ve been to Barcelona and it was ammmazing, and not I’m dying to go back and see more! I really want to go to Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and Ronda as one big super road trip!

But, this just depends on my mood. There are sooo many places I would like to get to that are temporarily on hold until after the wedding/honeymoon.

And finally…. I award the 2016 Liebster Award to….

  1. Untold Morsels – An Australian living in London who loves to blog about travel, culture and foooood!

  2. My Meena Life – Another American expat living in Germany who blogs about travel, being an expat and living with chronic pain.

  3. Jet Set Brunette – Courtney is a Canadian traveler who believes that you don’t have to quit your job to travel the world!

  4. Lucy’s Cities – Lucy is a travel addict from Ireland who loves to share her stories and her photography and hates the rain! 

  5. Wanderlustingk – Another American expat from NY living in Amsterdam and traveling part-time who loves to travel to off the beaten path locations!

And the questions are:

  • What has been your favorite Travel Chick-Lit book?
  • Where is your next vacation and why?
  • What’s the one place you keep visiting over and over again?
  • What’s the one thing you hate about traveling?
  • Why did you start your travel blog?
  • If there was one thing you wish you could do over in all your travels, what would it be?
  • Who is your favorite travel partner?
  • What’s the one thing you always have to do when traveling?
  • Which blog post is your favorite and why?
  • What’s the one thing you know now about blogging you wish you knew when you first started?


Author: California Globetrotter

At 14 I started traveling the world with my parents and was hooked! By 21 I was studying abroad in Heidelberg, Germany. By 26 I sold all of my belongings and bought a one way ticket to Germany to teach English. Little did I know, I'd meet the love of my life and end up traveling to the most romantic and idyllic towns in Europe and becoming a long-term expat in Bavaria! My name is Lorelei and I'm just your typical CaliGirl, Sunset Chaser, Fairytale Dreamer, Dress Lover, Traveloholic, Beer Drinker!

8 thoughts on “2016 Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations on your second blog birthday and the Liebster Award! Well deserved! And thank you for the link too – much appreciated!! Happy travels!!

  2. Congrats on the Liebster Award! I think it really serves its purpose as I’ve already come to know of a ton of lesser-known popular blogs through following these links! I also love reading these interview style posts. Had no idea Croatia was so popular among tourists… It’s really a pity when you can’t enjoy a place due to overcrowding. And random conversations with strangers are often the best! (If they’re not creepy)

  3. I really enjoyed reading your answers!
    I am now slightly apprehensive about visiting Croatia this summer.. We’re doing a motorbike trip from Poland to Croatia with Croatia being the major destination, but I can imagine how crowded it’s going to be. In August! While I do love the beaches and crystal clear water that Croatia is famous for, I hate crowds.. Do you think it’s still worth it to visit ? We are thinking of Split, Dubrovnik, Krka and Plitvice.. And some other beaches we will see on the way.

    • We hit all of those places in the first week of July. August could be better than July because everyone is just getting out for summer break in Europe whereas in August it might not be a mad rush for people. But even the locals kept telling us the best time to visit is September/October

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