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A Delicious Guide for Coffee & Cake in Vienna


Before you go to Vienna, you should be forewarned, there will be A LOT of coffee and cake breaks as this tradition is and has been a large part of Viennese culture dating as far back as 1683. This tradition is so ingrained into the culture that UNESCO has declared it as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” since 2011. And seeing as it was my birthday, what better way to eat my cake!

Legend has it that while Vienna was being liberated from the second Turkish siege in 1683 by the Polish-Habsburg army, a sack was found with strange beans, which were thought to be camel feed that should be burned. The sacks were given to an officer named Jerzy Franciszek Kulczycki who supposedly started the first coffee house. However, facts stated that the first coffee house was actually opened the year before. But, the legend continues that after a bit of experimentation, Kulczycki added some sugar and milk to the coffee and thus began the Viennese coffee tradition.

When visiting a coffeehouse, you will be transported to another time and place, more specifically, towards the end of the 19th century. Viennese cafes are known for their opulent fin de siècle decor, severs decked out in formal, pressed uniforms and freshly brewed coffees.

Towards the late 19th and early 20th century, leading writers of the time were drawn to these cafes filled with such ambience that inspired frequent meet ups and even a little bit of writing.

Sitting down for a cuppa coffee and a slice of delectable cake is the opposite of the hustle and bustle atmosphere most restaurants give off. No, when coming to one of these cafes, it’s a place for both locals and tourists to unwind, sit for a nice chat or even stop and read a book and simply live in the moment.

So which one(s) should you visit? – And yes, I made that plural because going to just one is not enough!

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3 Bavarian Towns Surrounded by Medieval Walls


Germany certainly has no shortage of historic towns, practically unchanged since the Medieval times. And let’s admit it right now, many of us when traveling to Europe look for that authentic, historic feeling that will transport us back to a time that is long since gone. Many of us want to take a walk through a storybook town, that is beyond anything we have ever known.

But of all the picturesque, fairy tale towns in Germany, there are only three towns left still completely encircled by their Medieval walls all found in Bavaria. Luckily, all three are on the trail through Bavaria known as the “Romantischestrasse” (Romantic Road) which stretches from Würzburg to Füssen.

All relatively close together, they could easily be combined into a long weekend road trip if you’re as obsessed with half-timbered towns as I am.

The question now remains, which one should you visit if you’re short on time? Or which which one is less touristy but offers the same authentic feeling? Continue reading

A Beginners Guide to Oktoberfest, Munich Germany - California Globetrotter


A Beginners Guide to Oktoberfest


It’s a new year with lots of new adventures that lay ahead! Maybe people are getting out their Bucket Lists and checking which things to tick off this year! I’m sure most of you have always dreamed of going to the world’s largest street fair with all the beer imaginable!

Between late Spring and early Autumn, it usually implies that somewhere in Bavaria, a beer festival can be found. ‘Gemütlichkeit‘ is in full swing from Regensburg’s Dult to the world’s most famous beer festival: Munich’s Oktoberfest and beyond!

What is normally a simple oval meadow is turned into the world’s largest, boisterous beer drinking festival with stalls, marquees, funfair, loud music and tons of people. For two weeks every year this folks fest takes place at the feet of the Bavaria statue, the patron saint of Bavaria, or as the locals call it, the “Weisn”. Continue reading

How to Travel Like a PRO with GPSMyCity - California Globetrotter

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How to TRAVEL Like a PRO with GPSMyCity


You’ve just read the most awesome travel article of some far off place you plan to visit soon. Sure you could go ahead and pin it and then scroll through endless posts to find it again. But that would require using your data, and possibly cost you roaming charges or you might just be headed somewhere with limited internet access. Then comes the hassle of sitting down and looking up the locations wasting even more data and precious time!

But why take the risk of missing out on hitting up some of those amazing places you just found in that awesome post when you could just use a GPS-Guided Travel Guide!!?

What’s a GPS-Guided Travel Guide, you might ask?

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Where to Find Nashville's Street Art, Tennessee - California Globetrotter


Easy Wall Murals to Find in Nashville


Not only is Nashville home to Country Music and is nicknamed “Music City”, but it’s also home to A LOT of amazing Wall Murals / Street Art.

We recently visited Nashville, on the day before Christmas Eve, a Friday night and discovered it was a pretty sleepy town before the holidays. The bars weren’t quite hopping as one would expect and the next day, Christmas Eve, turns out all the touristy locations are closed! Who’da known!? So, we decided to make an afternoon out of it and find as many wall murals as we could!

Prior to discovering the wall murals in Nashville, I had read a lot of posts about amazing street art popping up all over the world. Some of it I really enjoyed and other bits, I couldn’t see what the big deal was.

Creative and innovative artists are taking to the streets to express themselves and transform an empty, plain side of a building into a masterpiece and people are flocking around the world to find these amazing murals. I have to say, I have quickly become OBSESSED and now search for street art everywhere I go! Plus, the make for the perfect Instagram moment! Continue reading

Why Everyone SHOULD Visit Old Friends Farm, Georgetown, Kentucky - California Globetrotter


Why EVERYONE Should Visit Old Friends Farm


Glorious Dancer

Tucked away out in the lush countryside between Lexington and Louisville is a sanctuary where horses can frolic happily through the fields till the end of their days. But before this safe haven was created, a gruesome incident shocked the horse community which helped to kick start this amazing non-profit organization that has grown exponentially since its founding. Continue reading

8 Quick Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky - California Globetrotter


8 Quick Things to Do in Lexington


Many people have mentioned that they had never even considered visiting Kentucky before as they wouldn’t know what to do there. Is there anything to DO in Kentucky?

Until recently I also was under the same impression. The only thing I knew about Kentucky prior to visiting was that the Kentucky Derby and KFC originate from, of all things… Kentucky! Beyond that, I had no idea what there was to see or do.

Well then why on earth did I go to Kentucky?

My parents like to move. A lot. And in 2016, they moved to Kentucky and we managed to make it home for Christmas. So I searched and searched on Pinterest for things to do in Kentucky. And Lexington came up.

Lexington is not the capital of Kentucky, as one might think. Nor is Louisville. Actually, that title goes to Frankfort. But as Kentucky’s second largest city, we thought we would give it a go!

Turns out Lexington is nicknamed both “The Thoroughbred City” and “The Horse Capital of the World” and is best known for its horse racing.  Continue reading

Where to find Street Art in Louisville, KY - California Globetrotter


Where to Find Louisville’s Street Art

Where to find Street Art in Louisville, KY

While recently visiting family for the holidays in Kentucky, we often visited Louisville (Luha-ville) and each time we drove through town, there was a new and exciting piece of Street Art on the side of a building. New for me, mind you.

Most of the street art I discovered while visiting Louisville I felt was more “art” than graffiti and was actually quite interesting to look at and interpret, or simply admire.

What exactly is “Street Art”?

Artists take to the streets to fill empty spaces on the sides of buildings and other public spaces that are either plain or rundown, and turn them into a artsy masterpiece. Walls become an open canvas for creative, colorful, unique pieces of artwork to be displayed. Continue reading

13 Fabulous Birthday Gifts for the Lady Traveler - California Globetrotter


13 Fabulous Birthday Gifts for the Lady Traveler


So with an upcoming birthday, I was inspired to write this post to share with you some of my favorite past travel-related birthday gifts, which I hope will help you out one day when you’re lacking in inspiration. Ladies, when looking for the best damn birthday gift your friends and family could possibly give you, look no further!

Shopping for travel-obsessed friends and family can be hard when they’re never home and you simply don’t know what they need or want. Sometimes it can be hard as travelers would honestly rather you donate to their world travel fund than buy dust collectors, but occasionally, there are the part-time world traveler and part-time home-body who loves anything and everything travel related, like myself! Some of these gifts are incredibly practical and useful while traveling, others are just because they’re pretty! But nonetheless, I love them all and hope you will too! Continue reading

An INTENSIVE Beginner's Guide to Louisville, Kentucky - California Globetrotter


An Intensive Beginner’s Guide to Louisville, Kentucky


Prior to visiting family in Louisville, I searched endlessly for a travel guide on Pinterest for things to do in Louisville as it would be our first visit. My parents had recently moved to Kentucky and we would be exploring all that the state had to offer together. But to be honest, I couldn’t really find many conclusive posts and the things I found were scattered through my pin board, making it quite frustrating when wanting to go back and check a resource. I was also quite disappointed to find that my faithful DK Travel Guide also didn’t have a book for Kentucky.

Why is that!?

Well, after having spent just over two weeks in Kentucky and doing a lot of sight seeing, I discovered that thanks to the recent “Bourbon Boom” that the Bourbon industry is experiencing, it has spread to an increase in tourism as more and more people either want more locally produced goods or they have a general interest in learning more about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. So, my only conclusion at this point, is that because it’s becoming a new trend to visit Kentucky and there aren’t enough travel guides out there to fulfill the demand. Continue reading