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When in Bath, Bathe Like the Romans!

IMG_2414Bath is a magnificent example of fine Georgian architecture with its endless expanse of stone, lining every street and alley throughout the entire town. It is a compact city among the rolling green hills of the Avon is in the distance. The Romans had created England’s first ever spa resort here and ever since the 18th century people have been coming here to admire the ancient Roman Baths.

Bath is just a few hours drive from London if one is looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life. Bath is a much quainter and relaxed town and people come here to stroll around the town and the shops.

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Brighton: England’s Seaside Pleasure

IMG_2450They say that “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” If such a thing could ever be possible, then Brighton is the perfect location to get away and recharge! Just an hour or two (depending on traffic) south of London, is England’s most popular seaside town which became popular after the railroad finally reached this seaside resort in 1841! Ever since, the population has grown, as well as the tourists who seek to see more of England other than just London.

With a long history of secret liaisons and secret getaway weekends, it became increasingly popular after the Prince of Wales, who would become George IV moved here to secretly marry his lover Mrs. Fitzherbert. His spirit still lives on as many people are attracted to this seaside town, not just for the beautiful waters but also his one of a kind farmhouse which he turned into the lavish Oriental palace, the Royal Pavilion.

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Matlock Bath: The Former Victorian Spa Town - California Globetrotter


Matlock Bath: The Former Victorian Spa Town

IMG_2619Just round the corner from Derby down some winding roads through the Midlands country side is the small village of Matlock. Not far from the town sits Matlock Bath which is situated at the sharp bend of the River Derwent. This small village was once a popular Spa Town from the 1780s that was transformed after the creation of better railway transportation. Now, this small village is a hot spot for all sorts of day trippers, from families to leather-clad bikers. There is something to do for everyone! Continue reading

The Most Haunted Town in England: Derby - California Globetrotter


Derby: The Most Historic & Haunted Town in England!


Right smack in the middle of England, you can find the small city of Derby, a region in the East Midlands. This is an area not far from being the Heart of England and is popular for being the most haunted region in the country! It is even considered the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and the home of the Rolls-Royce. Naturally, with all these amazing wonders, we had to stop here to meet up with a friend of mine who is a native of the region for a few days.

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Booking a Ferry To/From England - California Globetrotter


Booking a Ferry To/From England

img_7802Feel like driving to or from England/or Continental Europe and crossing the English Channel with a ferry boat? Its the perfect way to sail through the channel and have a bit of relaxation and fun along the way!

We took the ferry boat with our car and enjoyed it very much! On our way over to England, we took a 4am ferry so that we could sleep on the way over. On the return trip we took an 8am ferry and took advantage of the beautiful morning at sea as well as ate a decent full English breakfast with a fantastic view watching the chalk cliffs of England receding in the distance. It definitely made for a relaxing part of our journey in a long drive to and from England all the way from Germany! Yes, we know, we are crazy but we wanted to do a ROADTRIP!!

Here are some quick tips for booking a ferry boat with a car from Continental mainland Europe to England!

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