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200th Post: A Celebration of CG’s Posts


While recently reading a favorite blogger of mine, Travelsewhere, it dawned on me, I was just a few posts away from writing my 200th post on California Globetrotter!!

I definitely can’t believe I’ve written so many posts and shared so much of my life with strangers who have become loyal readers and cyber-friends! What started out as a simple journal on Facebook (I know, who does that anymore!?) turned into an unhealthy obsession.

So I’d like to take the time to say thank you to my readers, my family and friends (Hi Mom! Stephanie? Pam? Cheri? Are you out there?) who keep me motivated to share our travels, tips and secrets to some of the best places in Europe which I’d like to share my FAVORITES with you again in celebration! Continue reading

California Bucket List: Top 41 Things To Do! - California Globetrotter


California Bucket List: Top 41 Things To Do!


This is one of those moments where I am slightly homesick for my home state of California and I start reminiscing about all the amazing things to do, see and eat when in the Golden State!

From an endless amount of pristine beaches to a variety of theme parks, vineyards all up and down the state, to snow-capped mountains, California offers a never-ending amount of things to do and see, for both locals and visitors.

Here I will compile some of the most popular, well-known and beloved sights to see to the overlooked, less-touristy places one can visit throughout the state!

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Best Travel Sunsets - California Globetrotter


Best Travel Sunsets

IMG_3698One of the ultimate things about traveling is getting to experience the sun setting on the other side of the world. There are a billion sunsets to be had, each one romantic and special in its own way to be had. Some sunsets are more special than others and some are meant to be spent alone to contemplate the glory of life. No matter where you are in the world, each sunset has it’s own story.

These are my best sunset travel pictures each with s story to tell and a memory to last a life time. All of my pictures were taken with my old Canon PowerShot SX130 IS, usually on SCN. None of my pictures are edited. Continue reading

One Woman's Journey to Bliss Through Europe - California Globetrotter


One Woman’s Journey to Bliss Through Europe

IMG_2715 The mountains were covered in glistening white snow and the sun was shining so brightly, I had to raise my hand to block out the sun in order to take in the breathtaking views.

I was bundled up in my frilly pink peacoat and my favorite little black dress plus two scarfs. As the powerful mountain winds blew I turtled my head back inside my scarf and turned against the wind. Looking out towards Hans and laughing against the bitter cold that was pushing us backwards, we reached out for one another. We held on to each other and cussed under our breath how cold it was as we braced ourselves for the next gust of bitter wind. I kissed his lips only to feel the shock of coldness lingering on his lips and I stood there in his arms and thought how lucky I am to have found him.

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23 Things You Will Miss About California - California Globetrotter


23 Things You Will Miss About California (US)


Leaving is always easy once you have decided to leave. But once you have left, there will always be a piece of you that craves to go home again to the things you know, love and miss. You can try all you want to recreate home in your new home town by decorating your house with American fashions, cooking American recipes and listening to American music from home. But it just won’t ever be the same as being home.

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New Years Eve in San Francisco - California Globetrotter


New Years Eve in San Francisco

IMG_3699For New Years Eve we got up early and drove dad’s new Hybrid car to go to San Francisco to meet some friends for the night who met us there.

Since we we were only in San Fransisco for New Years Eve and the morning after, we tried to make the most of our trip by hitting up some of the most touristy, must-see places and take advantage of the AMAZING weather we had while we were there!

So here is what you can do with 24 hours in San Fransisco when you’re short on time and looking to go out with a big bang for the a New Year’s Eve!

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