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200th Post: A Celebration of CG’s Posts


While recently reading a favorite blogger of mine, Travelsewhere, it dawned on me, I was just a few posts away from writing my 200th post on California Globetrotter!!

I definitely can’t believe I’ve written so many posts and shared so much of my life with strangers who have become loyal readers and cyber-friends! What started out as a simple journal on Facebook (I know, who does that anymore!?) turned into an unhealthy obsession.

So I’d like to take the time to say thank you to my readers, my family and friends (Hi Mom! Stephanie? Pam? Cheri? Are you out there?) who keep me motivated to share our travels, tips and secrets to some of the best places in Europe which I’d like to share my FAVORITES with you again in celebration! Continue reading


Ultimate List of Day Trips from Munich


Whether you live in or around Munich, or are visiting somewhere near Munich, there are PLENTY of places to go if you’re looking to take advantage of a beautiful day!

If you don’t mind getting up and leaving your house around 6am, driving no more than 3-3 1/2 hours (one way), you CAN manage a FULL day in any of the following locations. I know, because I’m crazy enough to have managed many of these in a single hit and run, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kinda day trip! Especially during the summer months when the weather is great and the nights are long.

Quite personally, I find that many Germans don’t actually travel much around their home country, let alone leave their hometown that often. Ok so I travel a bit obsessively, but why wouldn’t you want to get outta your 20 mile radius and explore more!?! And ok…many of these could be extended into a long weekend trip, but when you’re itching to get out, 3 hours is nothing!

People always think I’m crazy for driving somewhere 3+ hours and now make it a weekend trip, but for me I grew up in California where driving 3 hours and you’re still in the same town because you’re sitting in traffic! Driving 3 hours in Europe and you’re in another state or another country!

Continue reading

2016: A Year in Review - California Globetrotter


2016: A Year in Review


2016 has been another wonderful year, unfortunately it flew by so fast I actually felt like I didn’t have time to take it all in, soak up every moment and enjoy every minute. I certainly tried as best as I could to enjoy every single day and to slow down the time, but that is something completely out of my hands.

This year was a big year for us that had PLENTY of happy, joyous moments, many new adventures and lots of opportunities for which we are incredibly lucky to have had. So I want to take the time to show my gratitude to this beautiful life we live that has given us the chance to travel Europe. And I especially want to show my gratitude to my new husband who has been the most wonderful travel partner I could have ever asked for!

With each passing year, I feel that our lives continuously improve and grow and while there is so much more to be done, I know that for now, we should only focus on the here and now, but I can’t help but feel excitement for 2017 that will be filled with many new adventures, laughter, happiness and growth.

While I shouldn’t look to far into the future, I don’t want to look to far back into the past either. There were plenty of ups and downs throughout the year, on and off the camera, but that is no reason to dwell in the past either.

But a recap of our amazing year certainly doesn’t hurt that left us with long lasting impressions that turned us into story tellers and left pieces of our hearts everywhere we went. Continue reading

A Taste of Europe Bucket List - California Globetrotter


A Taste of Europe Bucket List


Let’s admit it, half of the reason why we have an addiction to travel is so that we can try new authentic foods that we can’t get at home (of equal deliciousness). PLUS, they say that “when you travel, calories don’t count“, riggght?

For some, trying new foods helps people to understand a culture better than visiting any ol’ tourist landmark. You wouldn’t have truly experienced a new city if you didn’t try the food. You would be missing out on some of the most jaw-dropping mmm, mmm, mmmmms.

I know that for Hans and I, whenever we travel anywhere, we always want to eat local cuisine. We either look for the place that has the most people which clearly signals good food, or we look on TripAdvisor for some of the top rated restaurants. Other times, I research either in my travel guides (DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Germany) or I ask around for MUST-TRY food! After all, I don’t want to deny my taste buds a cultural experience of delicious food! Continue reading

Europe's Most Breathtaking Libraries - California Globetrotter


Europe’s MOST Breathtaking Libraries


Whenever I heard the word “library”, I always got cold shivers down my spine as I remembered the long, tedious hours of study hall back during my high school years. It meant endless hours of boring homework instead of hanging out with my friends.

Then one day, I saw a list of the world’s MUST-SEE-LIBRARIES and the curious travelaholic in me decided to click on the link. I was stunned into silence and I began wishing that I had gone to a university that had a stunning library. Maybe I would have loved studying a little bit more!

The first known library was discovered in the first ancient civilization in southern Mesopotamia in Sumer, which is now modern-day Iraq. Here, clay-tablets dating as far back as 2600 B.C. were discovered. Other libraries filled with personal books were in Greece in 5 B.C. The Library of Alexandria in Egypt was the largest and more important library in the ancient world. Continue reading

Beer Spa in Prague! Czech Republic - California Globetrotter


Our BEER SPA Experience in Prague!


As we have been knee deep in wedding planning and working like crazy people over here, we needed a little break to celebrate our 3 year anniversary! I had been perusing though Pinterest one day when my eyes were suddenly delighted with a wonderful image of a couple taking a bath. Not any bath. But a BEER BATH! I knew then and there, I had to go to Karlovy Vary for the world’s first beer spa! I screamed with excitement because this was just about the coolest thing I have ever seen! My fiance rolled his eyes at me and knew without a doubt, we were going and there was no if, ands or buts about it!

For this amazing experience that I just HAD TO HAVE, we drove 2 hours from where we live in Germany, just over the Czech/German border, to spend the day there. We arrived nice and early so we would have enough time to stroll through the town.

The experience was so amazing that we decided to that when my family came out to Germany for our wedding later in the year, we would HAVE to take them to the beer spa in Prague too!

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Karlovy Vary: The City of Baths! - California Globetrotter


Karlovy Vary – The City of Baths

IMG_1907As we have been knee deep in wedding planning and working like crazy people over here, we needed a little break to celebrate our 3 year anniversary! I had been perusing though Pinterest one day when my eyes were suddenly delighted with a wonderful image of a couple taking a bath. Not any bath. But a BEER BATH! I knew then and there, I had to go to Karlovy Vary for the world’s first beer spa!

Since Karlovy Vary was only about a 2 hour drive from where we live in Germany, just over the Czech/German border, we decided to just spend the day there. We arrive nice and early so we would have enough time to stroll through the town.

The town was founded by Charles IV in the mid-14th century and his dog supposedly fell into a hot spring. Just so you know, “vary” means hot spring. The town quickly gained predominance as the rich and famous flocked here for the healing powers of the hot springs. Continue reading

Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic - California Globetrotter


České Budějovice: Castles, Beer & More!

Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic - California GlobetrotterThe capital of South Bohemia, České Budějovice is home to a large industrial center, which helped it to grow. The historic city center shows the wealth that the city once enjoyed with colorful, unique, intricate buildings which helps draw people in who are looking for something a little less touristy besides just Prague. Like Cesky Krumlov, the town is a little hidden treasure for the Czech Republic! Just a few hours from the German border, it made for the perfect day trip!

The town is also renowned for their beer, the Budvar Brewery, which they are very proud of. Some might recognize the name as Budweis in English. But it is not to be confused with the Anheuser-Busch Budweiser beer in the States.

And just a short drive of about ten minutes sit the Hluboká Castle, perched upon a hill overlooking the surround village below. Well worth a visit for the magnificent endless gardens and the unique appearance of the castle. Continue reading

Czech'n Out of 2015 in Prague - California Globetrotter


Czech’n Out of 2015 in Prague!

Czech'n Out of 2015 in Prague - California GlobetrotterAnother year has come and gone and 2015 was such a great year, we really wanted to go out with a BANG so we headed straight to the capital of the Czech Republic for some good ol’ fireworks, chaos and fun!

With less than two weeks until the big night, we finally booked a hotel in Prague for the night after doing some serious research into the firework show to welcome in the New Year. We were hesitant at first, after having spent NYE in Budapest, Hungary in 2013 and being let down by absolutely NO professional firework show.

Before the count down to the final minutes could begin, we spent the entire day re-visiting some of the touristy hot spots for some new pictures, Czeched out the Christmas Markets throughout town which are open until January 6th, ate some amazing traditional Czech cuisine and froze our pattooties off! Continue reading


Superlatives of 2015


Every year has its ups and its downs, the highlights and the negatives from which we grow and learn or we can’t wait to do again. When traveling, these positives and negatives can make or break a vacation. With each trip you book,  you learn something new for the next holiday. No matter how we look at it though, they are memories we will look back on and cherish and we will either say “I can’t wait to do that again!” or “I wish I had known better!”

Here are the best and the worst memories and everything in between from our travels in 2015. Continue reading