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Germany: The Good, The Bad & The Awesome! - California Globetrotter


Germany: The Good, The Bad & The Awesome!


After living in Germany now for almost four years, there are many things that I have learned or even adapted into my expat life. These adaptations make living in Germany much easier as now I look and sound like I belong here rather than just some American tourist. Continue reading

9 Awesome German Idioms - California Globetrotter


9 Awesome German Idioms


1. Luck in Love  


For those of you who are hard core board/card gamers, maybe it’s best if you loose every not and there. As the Germans say, “Glück im Spiel, pech in der Liebe” which translates to “Luck in the game, unlucky in love.” I’d rather get lucky oh sorry, I meant be lucky in love any day! Continue reading

7 Reasons Why You SHOULD Learn a Foreign Language - California Globetrotter


7 Reasons Why You SHOULD Learn A Foreign Language



My first encounter with learning a foreign language started at the young age of 8 or 9 when I temporarily had to go to a predominately Mexican school. I remember struggling to learn math because my teachers would often speak in Spanish. This was no easy task for a native English speaker. Needless to say, my math is terrible. But I remember the joy of standing in our school auditorium, wearing my best dress and singing Feliz Navidad fluently with the rest of my class at Christmas. Ever since, I have had a love affair with this song and languages.

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American Things I Miss! - California Globetrotter


Things I Miss After Living in Germany For So Long


While it is an amazing, once in a lifetime experience to get the chance to live abroad in a country other than America, there are aspects from home I will always miss. At the time, living in the States, you take it for granted and don’t appreciate it quite as much at 2am as you should. Now that I have lived in Germany for almost 3 years, I realize now, just how much I miss many things in the States.

1. No-Smoking Sections

Nothing gets under my skin more than sitting down at a beer garden or a café outside to enjoy the sunshine than a smoker plopping down next to me and lighting up a cigarette and even worse, a cigar. Thankfully, smoking in doors in Germany is prohibited, however, that luxury does not extend to outdoor seating.2000px-No_smoking_sign_svg

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Why You Will Never Be The Same After Living in Germany


1. No Beer Festival Will Ever Compare

Admit it, Germans know how to do Beer festivals better than anyone else in the world! After going to Oktoberfest or any other beer festival in Germany, all others will seem boring!

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How You Know It's Finally Spring in Germany - California Globetrotter


How You Know It’s FINALLY Spring in Germany!

IMG_1469Spring officially arrived just a few days ago and they were glllloriious! I was standing at the bus stop, waiting for the bus and all I could think of was “Hurry up!! I want to get home, put my sandals on and go sit at a beer garden facing the sun!!”

Only for the very next day to turn out to be bitter cold and I had to pull out my peacoat again! The weather certainly can’t make up its mind, therefore, it MUST be Spring!

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Date A Girl Who TRAVELS! - California Globetrotter


To Date or Not to Date a Girl Who Travels!?


I once read an article a while back about why you shouldn’t date a girl who travels. It talked about how difficult it is to date a girl who travels because the standard dinner and a movie date just won’t cut it for her and that every chance she gets, she will try to book a flight somewhere new rather than party at some fancy club. She is unreliable and can’t hold down a steady, long term job because she’s too busy flouncing around the world. It also mentioned she probably leads a life of uncertainty and she never knows which direction the winds will blow her next and she will leave you because she doesn’t need you.

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10 Tips for Learning German! - California Globetrotter


10 Tips for Learning German


I still remember my first day of German class. I walked into the classroom and on the board, my teacher had written the words, “Mein Fish ist tot” and they have been forever ingrained in my memory since the 8th grade. My high school German teacher was amazing and I always had good grades. I loved German and knew I wanted to have a career using German.

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80 Things Traveling Has Taught Me - California Globetrotter


80 Things Traveling Has Taught Me

IMG_1075Traveling has been my greatest teacher. I have learned more through traveling & researching than I ever did in a classroom! Traveling has brought to life the history we read about in books and watch in the movies. It has awoken my historical imagination as I walk through a new historic city center & I imagine what life must have been like to build that massive cathedral brick by brick or building that bridge over rushing waters. I always imagine people in the olden days before technology pushing wooden carts, selling their goods reminding me of the little village Belle from Beauty & the Beast walks through. Continue reading