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Day Trips from Munich: Starnbergersee, Bavaria, Germany - California Globetrotter


The Perfect Sunday Funday! – Starnbergersee


As each passing day continues to have better weather, I have been going stir crazy and knew I had to go on a small adventure to sooth my restless soul. The California girl in me desperately needed some Vitamin D! This weekend, the weather finally permitted us some warm weather and somewhat blue skies to make an afternoon trip to Starnbergersee (Lake Starnberg) just 16 miles southwest of Munich. With the S-Bahn, the lake is easily reachable every 15-20 minutes.

Starnbergersee is Germany’s 5th largest freshwater later and enjoys beautiful views of Zugspitze from the Starnberg shore. It is a fantastic place for a family outing, even with little ones and bikers!

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Chiemsee & Schloss Herrenchiemsee - Bavaria, Germany - California Globetrotter


Chiemsee & Schloss Herrnchiemsee


Chiemsee is one of the most beautiful lakes not far from Munich, almost to the very southern tip of Bavaria. It is Bavaria’s largest freshwater lake with stunning views of the Alps. With endless blue skies and white clouds, it is no wonder Bavaria’s color are white and blue. Surrounding this stunning lake are cute villages, including the town of Chiemsee. There are two small islands, Fraueninsel and Herreninsel which can be reached with a short boat ride for some enjoyable exploration.

IMG_3415What attracts people to Chiemsee the most is one of crazy King Ludwig II’s beautiful palaces, located on Herreninsel. He built this palace in honor of the Sun King in Versailles, whom he deeply admired. Therefore, this palace is almost an exact replica of the Palace of Versailles, found just outside of Paris, although on a much smaller scale as it was never completed before his untimely death in 1886.

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