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Ultimate List of Day Trips from Munich


Whether you live in or around Munich, or are visiting somewhere near Munich, there are PLENTY of places to go if you’re looking to take advantage of a beautiful day!

If you don’t mind getting up and leaving your house around 6am, driving no more than 3-3 1/2 hours (one way), you CAN manage a FULL day in any of the following locations. I know, because I’m crazy enough to have managed many of these in a single hit and run, wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am kinda day trip! Especially during the summer months when the weather is great and the nights are long.

Quite personally, I find that many Germans don’t actually travel much around their home country, let alone leave their hometown that often. Ok so I travel a bit obsessively, but why wouldn’t you want to get outta your 20 mile radius and explore more!?! And ok…many of these could be extended into a long weekend trip, but when you’re itching to get out, 3 hours is nothing!

People always think I’m crazy for driving somewhere 3+ hours and now make it a weekend trip, but for me I grew up in California where driving 3 hours and you’re still in the same town because you’re sitting in traffic! Driving 3 hours in Europe and you’re in another state or another country!

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Your COMPLETE Guide Using the Deutsche Bahn in Germany! - California Globetrotter


Your COMPLETE Guide to Using the Deutsche Bahn in Germany


One of the greatest things about living in Europe is the ease at which one can travel nearly the entire continents without a car. But before you can go and hop on any train, you need to know the ins and outs of using the Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s most powerful train service. You will be hard pressed to find another train in Germany which offers high speed trains throughout the entire country as DB is the ONLY option. So, please allow me to walk you through traveling through Germany with the Deutsche Bahn! Continue reading

The Most Picturesque Half-Timbered Towns in Germany - California Globetrotter


The Most Picturesque Half-Timbered Towns in Germany


Let’s be honest. When you think about Germany, everyone pictures Germans wearing Lederhosen, drinking beer and eating bratwurst, magnificent fairy tale castles perched high above the towns people and beautiful landscapes. While this is partially true, there is certainly much much more to this wonderful country.

There are three types of dwellings most Germans reside in: Big cities like Berlin, Munich or Frankfurt. Villages out in the countryside with endless fields of crops. And then there’s half-timbered storybook towns that we imagine all of Germany must look like.

Unfortunately, these are a dying breed and only make up a small fraction of Germany. There are dozens of amazing small towns, especially along the Deutsche Fachwerkstraße –  “German Half – Timbered Houses Route”, leading from the river Elbe in northern Germany to Lake Constance in the south. Along this route, 98 towns have united to protect these historic half-timbered towns!

Here are some of the most hidden, half – timbered towns throughout Germany, some not on the Half-Timbered route, all worth a visit if you’re looking to truly learn about the history and architecture of this amazing country. If you make it to the end of this post, you’ll find an interactive map showing the towns! Continue reading

Germany: The Good, The Bad & The Awesome! - California Globetrotter


Germany: The Good, The Bad & The Awesome!


After living in Germany now for almost four years, there are many things that I have learned or even adapted into my expat life. These adaptations make living in Germany much easier as now I look and sound like I belong here rather than just some American tourist. Continue reading

9 Awesome German Idioms - California Globetrotter


9 Awesome German Idioms


1. Luck in Love  


For those of you who are hard core board/card gamers, maybe it’s best if you loose every not and there. As the Germans say, “Glück im Spiel, pech in der Liebe” which translates to “Luck in the game, unlucky in love.” I’d rather get lucky oh sorry, I meant be lucky in love any day! Continue reading

Germany's "Day of Beer" - California Globetrotter


Germany’s “Day of Beer”

IMG_2010All fanatics need a national “holiday” dedicated to the thing they love most. For me, I love BEER. Good beer. Light Beer. Dark Beer. Filtered Beer. Unfiltered Beer. German beer. American beer. English beer. You name it, I love it!

Therefore, I wasn’t in the least bit surprised, but rather ecstatic about finding out that every April 23 is the National Day of Beer in Germany which doesn’t just celebrate beer, but also the country’s Reinheitsgebot – the purity law.

But April 23 isn’t just some random day designated to the delicious mouth-watering German beer. It’s also a day which celebrates the day the Reinheitsgebot was signed into law. Germans take this purity law very seriously and since 1516, beer production in Germany has been very strict. Only water, barley and hops was allowed to be brewed in German beers so as to keep the beers pure of any strange ingredients.

So, that means that this year, 2016 will be the 500th anniversary since this purity law was established, and it’s bound to come with a big celebration!

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Understanding the Lederhosen Culture - California Globetrotter


Understanding the Lederhosen Culture


One of the many things that people automatically associate with Germany is the traditional Bavarian costume. However, this is a big misconception about the German people. What most people don’t realize is that the Lederhosen and Dirndl are a Bavarian tradition and therefore not worn throughout all of Germany. Nor are they worn all the time. For the most part, Bavarians wear their Lederhosen and Dirndl on special occasions, however it is quite possible to see some hard core Bavarians wearing them for no special reason other than the fact that they are proud of their heritage. But don’t be surprised when you are walking around Bavaria and not everyone is wearing them.

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100 Things I've Learned About Germans - California Globetrotter


100 Things I’ve Learned About Germans (and the Bavarians!)


I would like to clarify before you read this blog, that these are just my opinions and beliefs from my experience living in Germany. They are in no way to be taken as a prejudice against Germans as a whole. I know that Germans are more than just beer drinkers, bratwurst eaters and Lederhosen wearers.

1. Germans love a good rule. They have a strict adherence to following ALL rules and breaking these rules will definitely give you some serious looks of disapproval.

2. Many Germans like it when they see someone trying to speak German. But because they speak pretty good English, they’ll talk to you in English.

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10 Things Germany Does Better



The number one thing Germans do best, is beer! It doesn’t matter what kind of beer because it’s all fabulous. From a Helles (Light) beer to a Weizen (Hefe) to Starkbier (Strong beer), its worth every penny to come to Germany just to drink a fresh glass of beer straight from the tap. Whether you are drinking the beer at home, in a beer garden or a festival, you will enjoy every drop of that refreshing beer. And the best thing about beer, is that in Germany there are no laws prohibiting the drinking of beer in public like in the States. You can drink a beer walking down the street, riding on the trains and buses or in the park.

Germany's "Day of Beer" - California Globetrotter

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