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A Delicious Guide for Coffee & Cake in Vienna


Before you go to Vienna, you should be forewarned, there will be A LOT of coffee and cake breaks as this tradition is and has been a large part of Viennese culture dating as far back as 1683. This tradition is so ingrained into the culture that UNESCO has declared it as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” since 2011. And seeing as it was my birthday, what better way to eat my cake! Continue reading

How to Travel Like a PRO with GPSMyCity - California Globetrotter

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How to TRAVEL Like a PRO with GPSMyCity


You’ve just read the most awesome travel article of some far off place you plan to visit soon. Sure you could go ahead and pin it and then scroll through endless posts to find it again. But that would require using your data, and possibly cost you roaming charges or you might just be headed somewhere with limited internet access. Then comes the hassle of sitting down and looking up the locations wasting even more data and precious time!

But why take the risk of missing out on hitting up some of those amazing places you just found in that awesome post when you could just use a GPS-Guided Travel Guide!!?

What’s a GPS-Guided Travel Guide, you might ask?

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13 Fabulous Birthday Gifts for the Lady Traveler - California Globetrotter


13 Fabulous Birthday Gifts for the Lady Traveler


So with an upcoming birthday, I was inspired to write this post to share with you some of my favorite past travel-related birthday gifts, which I hope will help you out one day when you’re lacking in inspiration. Ladies, when looking for the best damn birthday gift your friends and family could possibly give you, look no further!

Shopping for travel-obsessed friends and family can be hard when they’re never home and you simply don’t know what they need or want. Sometimes it can be hard as travelers would honestly rather you donate to their world travel fund than buy dust collectors, but occasionally, there are the part-time world traveler and part-time home-body who loves anything and everything travel related, like myself! Some of these gifts are incredibly practical and useful while traveling, others are just because they’re pretty! But nonetheless, I love them all and hope you will too! Continue reading

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Stylish Carry-On Essentials


It’s that wonderful time of year again, that holiday season where everyone wants to go home for the holidays, snuggle up with a loved one next to the fire or sipping on hot cocoa with family. It’s also one of the busiest times of the year where an estimated 40-50 million Americans travel home for the holidays. That’s an increase of 54% compared to the rest of the year, making for more cars on the road, airports are at full capacity and therefore a higher chance that along the way, something is bound to happen.

Holiday travel doesn’t need to be a headache, leaving you pulling out your hair. Whether or not your a hardcore traveler at heart or someone just going home for the holidays, these are a some of our favorite travel-must-haves for our carry-on!

With our upcoming flight home for the holidays to Kentucky (for the first time!), I have dug out our suitcases and have began preparing and while starting to pack wayyy earlier than I probably need to (I’m excited, can’t you tell!?), I got to thinking about my favorite carry0on items.

But, what exactly are some of the Carry-On essentials that make traveling so much easier to deal with? Continue reading

10 Affordable Hipster Gifts for Mr. Traveler - California Globetrotter


10 Affordable Hipster Gifts for Mr. Traveler


It’s incredible how fast 2016 has gone by. So fast in fact, it has completely caught me off guard and I haven’t even begun to start shopping! This is so unlike me! Normally I am practically finished with my Christmas shopping even before Thanksgiving has arrived. I blame our fall wedding!

Luckily, online shopping has become practically the norm, or at least for me! Thanks to Amazon Prime, I am able to buy gifts and have them arrive on my doorstep within a days time! No more endless waiting!

But when it comes to men, they’re an incredibly difficult species to shop for during the holidays (especially if you have a husband like mine who never actually says he wants anything!), shopping for a man addicted to traveling is possibly even harder. Luckily, there are some pretty awesome gifts out there to pick from.

Ladies, fear no more! Here are 10 of my favorite gift ideas for your Mr. Traveler! Gents, save this list for when your darling girlfriend or wife asks you what you want for Christmas and have no idea what you want!

All of the following gifts can be found on Amazon for less than $100 and won’t break the bank but will certainly add some spice to your travel life!

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10 Gifts EVERY Female Traveler Should Have - California Globetrotter


10 Gifts Every Female Traveler Should Have!


I can’t believe I’m about to say this but today is Thanksgiving and you know what that means! Tomorrow is Black Friday and it’s time to officially start your Christmas shopping, if you haven’t already!

Goodness, where the heck did 2016 go!? I still feel like it was yesterday Hans and I were ringing in 2016 in Prague on the Charles Bridge cuddling as it started to snow just before the stroke of midnight and the fireworks rang in the new year.

Much to my husband’s displeasure, (yes I can say husband now!), I am a bit of a shopaholic especially when it comes to finding awesome unique travel-related must-have knickknacks! And thanks to Amazon Prime, I get my purchases within 1-2 days! No more endless waiting!

When it comes to shopping for your darling, it can be quite difficult to find something tangible. Like me, I’m sure most travel babes are more interested in booking that next holiday trip rather than filling up our homes with stuff that will become a dust collector.

So today, I will share with you 10 of my favorite travel related goodies I think all travel babes should have! Ladies, look no further for the ultimate travel-related Christmas list! Boyfriends and husbands, pay close attention!

All of the following gifts can be found on Amazon for less than $100 and won’t break the bank but will certainly add some spice to your travel life!

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Your COMPLETE Guide Using the Deutsche Bahn in Germany! - California Globetrotter


Your COMPLETE Guide to Using the Deutsche Bahn in Germany


One of the greatest things about living in Europe is the ease at which one can travel nearly the entire continents without a car. But before you can go and hop on any train, you need to know the ins and outs of using the Deutsche Bahn, Germany’s most powerful train service. You will be hard pressed to find another train in Germany which offers high speed trains throughout the entire country as DB is the ONLY option. So, please allow me to walk you through traveling through Germany with the Deutsche Bahn! Continue reading

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A Travel App Changing the Way We Travel: GPSMyCity


You need an App for something? You can bet there’s an App for that!

If you’re a die hard traveler, you have an app to help you with every leg of your journey. There’s an App to help you with your hotels, your flights, food, photos and more!

Remember that time you found that great article online of all the top must see destinations to visit, hidden gems or must-try restaurants, but left it all at home?

Since 2009, GPSMyCity, a Smartphone App that has provided over 5,000 DIY guided walks via smartphones in over 700 cities around the world! Each kind of walk such as “Sightseeing Walks” or “Shopping Walks” is comes with an offline travel guide guiding you every step of the way to all the best attractions, monuments and more! Forget those local guides!

GPSMyCity has been around for a while now, but like all things, they have stayed innovative, adapting to how users interact with their phones. More and more people rely on their Smartphones for everything. Now, GPSMyCity has begun reaching out to travel bloggers, like myself, to collaborate with travelers to turn their existing travel blogs filled with useful tips and information into GPS Guided Travel Apps!

I have been using GPSMyCity for a little while now and our travels will never be the same. Now, we can easily navigate through any new city to all the best locations and hidden gems and never miss a beat, carrying nothing but our Smartphones! Continue reading

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The BEST Tips to AVOID Looking Like a Tourist


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you click on one and make a purchase, I might make a little extra spending money, at no extra cost to you. As always, all opinions are my own and these products/services have been found useful during our travels and come highly recommended to you from yours truly!

As someone who has been living abroad for just over 4 years now, I can spot a fellow American a mile away. You would think that by now with our world being one big multi-cultural society, we would all blend in. But unfortunately this isn’t the case.

While I know we all love to have our unique, one-of-a-kind look that makes us special when we’re home, fashion is mute when it comes to traveling. Sure, lots of people wear their best outfits while traveling to have that beautiful picture, but ultimately, when it comes down to it, to increase your safety, it’s highly recommended that one blend in.

But why should you bother AVOIDING to look like a tourist when traveling… when you ARE a tourist?

Well, for starters…

  • You might be taken advantage of by scammers looking for naive travel-newbies.
  • You might be harassed for being an American – wait…WHHHAT? You heard me. I’ll explain in a bit!
  • You might come off as someone who doesn’t care about another culture’s customs.
  • You might scream “I’m rich! Come rob me!”

Do these things REEEALLY happen? No not always, but it CAN and DOES happen to the best of us!

So, you’re headed out on your first adventure out of the US? How should you prepare? What should you pack? What should you NOT pack? Continue reading

HOW You Can Save MONEY Traveling as a Couple - California Globetrotter


HOW You Can Save Money Traveling as a Couple


Traveling the world alone is easy and you only have yourself to concern yourself with. But how do you continue to afford to travel how do you continue to afford to travel once you found your best travel companion?

Here are some of the travel strategies we use in order to afford travel as often as possible without breaking the wallet!

1. Gift Giving

While most girls love when their boyfriends/husbands come home with a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates and the guys love when their ladies bring home a case of beer or new clothes for them, gift giving can actually eat away at potential travel spending money. Giving gifts is always nice and much appreciated, but I would rather save that 20 to enjoy a nice dessert at a restaurant with a beautiful view somewhere in Italy! Continue reading