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Why Everyone SHOULD Visit Old Friends Farm, Georgetown, Kentucky - California Globetrotter


Why EVERYONE Should Visit Old Friends Farm


Glorious Dancer

Tucked away out in the lush countryside between Lexington and Louisville is a sanctuary where horses can frolic happily through the fields till the end of their days. But before this safe haven was created, a gruesome incident shocked the horse community which helped to kick start this amazing non-profit organization that has grown exponentially since its founding. Continue reading

8 Quick Things to do in Lexington, Kentucky - California Globetrotter


8 Quick Things to Do in Lexington


Many people have mentioned that they had never even considered visiting Kentucky before as they wouldn’t know what to do there. Is there anything to DO in Kentucky?

Until recently I also was under the same impression. The only thing I knew about Kentucky prior to visiting was that the Kentucky Derby and KFC originate from, of all things… Kentucky! Beyond that, I had no idea what there was to see or do.

Well then why on earth did I go to Kentucky?

My parents like to move. A lot. And in 2016, they moved to Kentucky and we managed to make it home for Christmas. So I searched and searched on Pinterest for things to do in Kentucky. And Lexington came up.

Lexington is not the capital of Kentucky, as one might think. Nor is Louisville. Actually, that title goes to Frankfort. But as Kentucky’s second largest city, we thought we would give it a go!

Turns out Lexington is nicknamed both “The Thoroughbred City” and “The Horse Capital of the World” and is best known for its horse racing.  Continue reading

Where to find Street Art in Louisville, KY - California Globetrotter


Where to Find Louisville’s Street Art

Where to find Street Art in Louisville, KY

While recently visiting family for the holidays in Kentucky, we often visited Louisville (Luha-ville) and each time we drove through town, there was a new and exciting piece of Street Art on the side of a building. New for me, mind you.

Most of the street art I discovered while visiting Louisville I felt was more “art” than graffiti and was actually quite interesting to look at and interpret, or simply admire.

What exactly is “Street Art”?

Artists take to the streets to fill empty spaces on the sides of buildings and other public spaces that are either plain or rundown, and turn them into a artsy masterpiece. Walls become an open canvas for creative, colorful, unique pieces of artwork to be displayed. Continue reading

13 Fabulous Birthday Gifts for the Lady Traveler - California Globetrotter


13 Fabulous Birthday Gifts for the Lady Traveler


So with an upcoming birthday, I was inspired to write this post to share with you some of my favorite past travel-related birthday gifts, which I hope will help you out one day when you’re lacking in inspiration. Ladies, when looking for the best damn birthday gift your friends and family could possibly give you, look no further!

Shopping for travel-obsessed friends and family can be hard when they’re never home and you simply don’t know what they need or want. Sometimes it can be hard as travelers would honestly rather you donate to their world travel fund than buy dust collectors, but occasionally, there are the part-time world traveler and part-time home-body who loves anything and everything travel related, like myself! Some of these gifts are incredibly practical and useful while traveling, others are just because they’re pretty! But nonetheless, I love them all and hope you will too! Continue reading

An INTENSIVE Beginner's Guide to Louisville, Kentucky - California Globetrotter


An Intensive Beginner’s Guide to Louisville, Kentucky


Prior to visiting family in Louisville, I searched endlessly for a travel guide on Pinterest for things to do in Louisville as it would be our first visit. My parents had recently moved to Kentucky and we would be exploring all that the state had to offer together. But to be honest, I couldn’t really find many conclusive posts and the things I found were scattered through my pin board, making it quite frustrating when wanting to go back and check a resource. I was also quite disappointed to find that my faithful DK Travel Guide also didn’t have a book for Kentucky.

Why is that!?

Well, after having spent just over two weeks in Kentucky and doing a lot of sight seeing, I discovered that thanks to the recent “Bourbon Boom” that the Bourbon industry is experiencing, it has spread to an increase in tourism as more and more people either want more locally produced goods or they have a general interest in learning more about the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. So, my only conclusion at this point, is that because it’s becoming a new trend to visit Kentucky and there aren’t enough travel guides out there to fulfill the demand. Continue reading

A COMPLETE Guide to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail - California Globetrotter


A COMPLETE Guide to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail


Kentucky is currently experiencing what has recently become known as the “Bourbon Boom”. The Bourbon industry is experiencing an increase in production and popularity as it has bounced back from the “Bourbon Depression”. As the Bourbon industry has grown, so has tourism. What better way to learn about the Bourbon industry and history in Kentucky than to follow the Bourbon Trail!

What is the Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

The Bourbon Trail is a collection of nine Bourbon distilleries located between Louisville and Lexington, each offering a guided tour of their distilleries and a bourbon tasting. Each tour is unique and offers a different perspective and history of the bourbon industry in Kentucky.

There is no one specific start and end, as you have there option to visit each of the distilleries as you see fit. Visit all nine and get a free Bourbon Trail T-shirt or pick your favorites.

In the two weeks we were in Kentucky, we managed to visit all nine distilleries. Here I’ll guide you through visiting all nine distilleries and which to skip if you’re short on time. Continue reading

2016: A Year in Review - California Globetrotter


2016: A Year in Review


2016 has been another wonderful year, unfortunately it flew by so fast I actually felt like I didn’t have time to take it all in, soak up every moment and enjoy every minute. I certainly tried as best as I could to enjoy every single day and to slow down the time, but that is something completely out of my hands.

This year was a big year for us that had PLENTY of happy, joyous moments, many new adventures and lots of opportunities for which we are incredibly lucky to have had. So I want to take the time to show my gratitude to this beautiful life we live that has given us the chance to travel Europe. And I especially want to show my gratitude to my new husband who has been the most wonderful travel partner I could have ever asked for!

With each passing year, I feel that our lives continuously improve and grow and while there is so much more to be done, I know that for now, we should only focus on the here and now, but I can’t help but feel excitement for 2017 that will be filled with many new adventures, laughter, happiness and growth.

While I shouldn’t look to far into the future, I don’t want to look to far back into the past either. There were plenty of ups and downs throughout the year, on and off the camera, but that is no reason to dwell in the past either.

But a recap of our amazing year certainly doesn’t hurt that left us with long lasting impressions that turned us into story tellers and left pieces of our hearts everywhere we went. Continue reading

Stylish Carry-On Essentials - California Globetrotter


Stylish Carry-On Essentials


It’s that wonderful time of year again, that holiday season where everyone wants to go home for the holidays, snuggle up with a loved one next to the fire or sipping on hot cocoa with family. It’s also one of the busiest times of the year where an estimated 40-50 million Americans travel home for the holidays. That’s an increase of 54% compared to the rest of the year, making for more cars on the road, airports are at full capacity and therefore a higher chance that along the way, something is bound to happen.

Holiday travel doesn’t need to be a headache, leaving you pulling out your hair. Whether or not your a hardcore traveler at heart or someone just going home for the holidays, these are a some of our favorite travel-must-haves for our carry-on!

With our upcoming flight home for the holidays to Kentucky (for the first time!), I have dug out our suitcases and have began preparing and while starting to pack wayyy earlier than I probably need to (I’m excited, can’t you tell!?), I got to thinking about my favorite carry0on items.

But, what exactly are some of the Carry-On essentials that make traveling so much easier to deal with? Continue reading

Strasbourg is THE "City of Christmas" - California Globetrotter


Strasbourg is THE “City of Christmas”


If ever there was one place in the world that embodied the spirit of Christmas, it would most definitely be Strasbourg, France. Historically known as the town which held the very first Christmas Market in 1570, making it the oldest market in Europe.

Since 1570, the “Christkindelsmärik” (market of the Infant Jesus) has grown exponentially and today caters to some 2 million visitors every year, with hotels being booked a year in advance and selling out quickly.

The whole city is lit up with festive Christmas lights and half-timbered houses are extravagantly decorated, creating that extra holly jolly Christmas spirit. The smell of sweet mulled wine (here called Vin Chaud) wafts through the air, the mouth-watering smell of warm crepes entice you to be naughty and off in the distance someone is playing Christmas music on an accordion. Continue reading

The Splendor of the Munich Residenz & Why You Should Visit It - California Globetrotter


The Splendor of the Munich Residenz and Why You Should Visit It


Of all the times I had ever been to Munich, I had never much been interested in visiting the Munich Residenz. From the outside, it looked like a boring, plain building in the city center, no different from the other buildings. And then I was on Pinterest one day, you could call me a Pinaholic and I stumbled upon a picture that was so beautiful of the a room inside the Residenz. I pinned it for later and it soon got buried in my list of things to see and do in Germany.

Until one rainy day.

We had planned to go down to Munich for the day, but as the weather would have it, it was a day with torrential rain and a bit cold for a late Spring day (yes, this post is a bit late in coming). Well, I grew up traveling and never letting rain stop me from seeing what I want to see….Ok, maybe a little bit. It wasn’t the kind of day you wanted to do any sightseeing in Munich or sitting out at a biergarten.

So, we headed in doors for the day. To the Munich Residenz. And booooy, was I WRONG! Continue reading